This site contains technical articles addressing control engineering and related issues. You may find basic materials for typical undergrad classes, small projects for hobbyists, ongoing research work, or even conceptual design. I give away most articles on this site free of charge. You can download, distribute, or print as many copies as you wish, as long as you don’t sell them to others. I do appreciate and thank you for citation to this website.

While I’m doing my best to keep information free from flaws/errors, you must exercise your keen judgment and caution, especially when experimenting with a real plant. Do remember, bug finds a way! This site owner cannot be responsible to any loss or damage resulting from applying any of my concept/design/circuit/program.

Here are some examples. New articles may not be included on this list. You can find them in their categories on the sidebar.
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Robotic Tools for Scilab/Xcos (RTSX)

General Feedback Control

Linear Control Design

PID Control

  • PID Anti-Windup Schemes: two schemes for integrator-windup compensation are discussed and simulated.
  • A Decorated PID Controller: Simulation of a full-featured PID controller made convenient with PIDGUI, a simple Scilab graphical user interface .


Modeling and Identification

Electronics and Hardware Design



Embedded Control Systems (ECS) Labs

DC motor labs

** The microcontroller used in DC motor labs is quite outdated. The article is kept for reference. To take advantage of the newer 70 MIPS PIC24EP from Micochip, we now launch a new category on DC motor control

DC Motor Control

Scilab recipe series